Introductory Session: Armizare

Armizare is the art of arms and includes spear, axe, sword, dagger, and wrestling, both armored and unarmored. The armizare introductory session provides an introduction to the basics of medieval martial arts, including stances, posture, movement, and methods of striking and defending with various weapons. The session will include discussion of the historical sources. No prior martial arts experience is required.

Interpretation Sessions

Members of the Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild meet regularly at our provost's Salle d'Armes in Central Virginia, USA. Sessions focus on specific aspects of armizare, exploration of historical materials, and - occassionally for experienced students - freeplay.

Training Sessions

Training sessions more formally organized as classes and revolve around foundational drills and structured practice. They may be part of a series of focussed studies or individual classes on a particular aspect or technique in the art of arms.


If you are in the area, please contact us for times and location.