As mentioned elsewhere, the Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild has no Masters. We do have Instructors, recognized within the group for their command of one or more aspects of the historical arts we study.


Bob Charrette (Fiore's Armizare; I.33 sword and buckler)

charrette portraitSince the 1970s he has been an ardent medievalist with special interests in material culture and military history. He has presented at the Kalamazoo International Medieval Congress. He is also a co-founder of a leading 14th century living history group (La Belle Compagnie) and has served as the company's principal martial interpreter for over a decade.

Bob has been seeking to understand medieval European fighting arts since 1973 and over the years has accumulated a good deal of experience in full-speed, armored combat with batons. Unfortunately, due to unavailability of the early treatises and even fewer translations, much of that early experience was trial-and-error experimentation. He was first introduced to Fiore in the mid-1980s and immediately recognized that the key to the historical arts lay in the lock, waiting to be turned. He still pays close attention to the original sources.

He has attended many seminars, classes, and the occassional private session with leading instructors including Bob Charron, Sean Hayes, Steven Hick, Rob Lovett, Greg Mele, Christian Tobler, and Guy Windsor.

Bob founded the Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild to formalize his studies and expand the community of like-minded students. He currently serves as Instructor and Provost.